NCCER Electronic Systems Technician Level 3 Trainee Guide

NCCER Electronic Systems Technician Level 3 Trainee Guide

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  Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 152.5)

33301-11 Buses and Networks (25 Hours)
Provides information on connecting computers and components, including various methods for connecting
computers in a network, information on connecting controls and equipment in a control system, and information on how
data is transferred between the nodes in a network.

33302-11 Fiber Optics (25 Hours)
Introduces the types of equipment and methods used in fiberoptic cable installation.

33303-11 Wireless Communication (10 Hours)
Introduces the operating principles and equipment used in common types of radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR)
wireless communication systems. Covers RF communication systems, IR-controlled systems, power line carrier (PLC)
systems, RF and IR wireless computer networks, and satellite communication systems. Discusses the equipment used for
testing and troubleshooting wireless communication systems.

33304-11 Site Survey, Project Planning, and Documentation (15 Hours)
Covers the tasks involved in planning a job from start to finish, including how to perform site surveys for both new and retrofit
construction projects. Covers the different kinds of drawings, specifications, and other documents commonly used.

46101-11 Fundamentals of Crew Leadership (20 Hours)
Covers basic leadership skills and explains different leadership styles, communication, delegating, and problem solving.
Job-site safety and the crew leader’s role in safety are also discussed. Describes project planning, scheduling, and

33305-11 Rack Assembly (17.5 Hours)
Describes rack systems and best practices for assembling electronic system enclosures, including power sequencing,
grounding, weight distribution, and heat dissipation. Explains electrical power distribution and load calculations for
equipment housed within racks.

33306-11 System Commissioning and User Training (20 Hours)
Covers the basics of final testing and closeout procedures and how to build these activities into your projects. Describes
customer satisfaction levels and expectations and how to meet them during the cut-over phase of any project. Focuses on
industry best practices and user-required training.

33307-11 Maintenance and Repair (20 Hours)
Introduces the background information and the tasks involved in the maintenance and repair of low-voltage systems
and equipment. Covers a systematic approach to system and component-level troubleshooting and the methods of
identifying common types of repairs.

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