Boilermaking Level 2 Trainee Guide, Paperback

Boilermaking Level 2 Trainee Guide, Paperback

: Pearson

: 9780130604842

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Pub. Date: May 29, 2001 by Pearson.
ISBN-10: 0130604844
ISBN-13: 9780130604842

This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Introduction to Boiler Components, Welding Symbols, Drawings and Detail Sheets, Identifying and Installing Valves, Base Metal Preparation, Plasma Arc Cutting, Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging, Tube Weld Preparation and Fitting, Pipe Hangers and Supports, Fasteners, Spring Can Supports, and Butt Weld Pipe Fabrication.

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 170) 

34201 Introduction to Boiler Components (20 Hours)

Introduces the individual pieces of equipment that make up a boiler.

34202 Welding Symbols (5 Hours)

Explains the different parts of a welding symbol and how to read them on drawings, specifications, and welding procedure specifications. Describes fillet welds, groove welds, and non-destructive examination symbols.

34203 Drawings and Detail Sheets (12.5 Hours)

Explains plot plans, structural drawings, elevation drawings, as-built drawings, equipment arrangement drawings, P&IDs, isometric drawings, spool sheets, and detail sheets.

34204 Identifying and Installing Valves (15 Hours)

Identifies installation procedures for various types of valves and valve actuators. It also explains how to properly store and handle valves.

34205 Base Metal Preparation (12.5 Hours)

Describes how to clean and prepare all types of base metals for cutting or welding. Identifies and explains joint design and base metal preparation for all welding tasks.

34206 Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) (12.5 Hours)

Explains plasma arc cutting equipment and safe work area preparation. Identifies correct amperage, gas pressures, and flow rates and plasma arc cutting methods for piercing, slotting, squaring, and beveling metals.

34207 Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (12.5 Hours)

Describes air carbon arc cutting equipment and processes and identifies the electrodes and safe operation of the equipment. Also provides step-by-step instructions for performing air carbon arc washing and gouging activities.

34208 Tube Weld Preparation and Fitting (15 Hours)

Identifies preparations and fittings associated with tube welding.

34209 Pipe Hangers and Supports (10 Hours)

Identifies pipe hangers and supports found on the job. Explains how to read and interpret pipe support drawings and symbols and how to determine field placement of hangers.

34210 Fasteners (5 Hours)

Describes and explains installation procedures for threaded, non-threaded, and insulation fasteners.

34211 Spring Can Supports (10 Hours)

Explains how to identify and select spring can supports. Includes step-by-step procedures for installing and maintaining spring can supports.

34212 Butt Weld Pipe Fabrication (40 Hours)

Covers preparing pipe ends for welding and determining the lengths between butt weld fittings. Explains selecting and installing backing rings and fabricating channel iron welding jigs and various types of butt weld fittings to pipe.


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