NCCER's Pipelayer curriculum covers all of the knowledge required for a Pipelayer to achieve success in their trade. In addition to addressing both the rigging, delivery and cutting of pipe, the Pipelayer books concentrate on other learning objectives important to the craft, including materials, elevation, site and trench safety, foundation stabilization, testing and maintenance.

NCCER offers a one-level Pipelayer curriculum that covers topics such as Job Site Safety, Cutting Pipe, and Gaskets, Joints and Fittings.

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Step by Step

  • Starting your journey
  • These study materials are designed to enable self-study for written assessments. Training courses using these materials are also available for Journeyman and in-person performance assessments at designated testing facilities.
  • Becoming familiar with course material.
  • Start small or start big, at Brown Technical we have the study material you need, from individual courses, full kits as well as related reference material to help you along. 
  • Setting aside time
  • Each course will have an anticipated time the course will take, make sure to set aside time for study and review of all material.
  • Testing and Courses
  • With every purchase you will receive a list of available testing centers to sign up for the written assessment when you are ready. Also available here.